Naturally together - Focus 2014

The focus of 2014 is the "NATURALLY TOGETHER" section. Directed by Guido Orlandini, it is dedicated to short films that will focus on the stories of successful immigration. Naturally Together aims to select and promote the stories of those who came from other nations and now permanently live, work, pay taxes, go to school, get married and are fully part of the country that welcomed them and where they are established. Nearly 50 million people living in Europe today come from countries other than the EU Member State where they have decided to create the center of their interests, their affections and their activities, 50 million "new" citizens who contribute to economic activity, social life, and dynamism of the entire continent. It is their stories that we would like to receive, the stories of those who live their lives in a country other than their country of origin, the stories of those who have made it.