Age: 36
Bradford, United Kingdom.
Third ICLS seminar: April 2003, Bradford

Mansoor Abbasi

At the time of the seminar, I was working full-time as an IT professional for Kirklees Council and doing voluntary work; namely community mediation and facilitation. I had reached a stage in my life where my career was not fulfilling me and I wanted to do something positive to help people more directly.

The ICLS seminar opened up opportunities for me to improve my networks and follow my dream of working on projects based around community development and empowerment.

I was inspired to study for an MA in Conflict Resolution by talking to participants at a seminar and have since worked with the ICLS to deliver seminars across the U.K and Continental Europe.

I co-founded a Social Enterprise called The Intercivil Society and have worked on projects in partnership with different organisations to improve cultural understanding and co-operation. I still volunteer as a mediator and also deliver diversity training and group facilitation sessions.

 “It was great to have that chance to spend time with people and break down some of the barriers that seem to surround us all the time. I’d not had that opportunity before.
A Participant”