Age: 34
Rotterdam, Netherlands. (Surinam)
Second ICLS seminar: 2006, Rotterdam

Pascal Blinker

Since doing the ICLS my outlook and direction on life has changed - I think that the biggest change came from opening my mouth at social gatherings. By letting my voice be heard instead of being part of the silent majority. During the seminar I grew a lot, it felt like my eyes were opened and the future was filled with possibilities. Since then, I have become active as a board member of our city’s Youth Council and also participated in more local community activities. Now I work at RADAR and am the project coordinator of our empowerment project called Powerschool. This project aims to empower young people to focus on what is possible and shows them that they have value and a lot more in common with others then they might first have thought.

Before getting involved with the ICLS I was looking for some new direction in life. I was attending classes to get accepted into college but I was not sure what I was going to do except that it had to be something “with people”.

 “Keep doing it! I’m now 33 and have recently led a not dissimilar leadership programme for 18-30 year olds for the Near Neighbours scheme and there is currently nothing similar on offer for those in their 20s.
A Participant”