A Ten Year Evaluation on Intercultural Leadership:

Putting Young Leaders at the Heart of Changing their Communities

On June 19th 2012, on behalf of the Intercultural Communication and Leadership School (ICLS), European Union and the University of Bradford, Professor Lord Patel of Bradford OBE invited a selected list of attendees to a reception at the House of Lords, to hear about the impact of the ICLS metodology, that was presented as "a truly unique and innovative approach to community engagement and community resilience".

During the reception the ICLS presented the findings of a 10 Year Evaluation study (the abridged version is available here) of the methodology and its relevance to multicultural cities.

The following video has been presented during the hearing to further show demonstrable positive impacts in improving the resilience, cohesion, confidence amongst young leaders and the wellbeing of communities in cities such as Bradford where the ICLS programme has been running for 10 years.