Age: 35
Bradford, United Kingdom.
First ICLS seminar: April 2002, Bradford

Emrys Schoemaker

At the time of the seminar I was in the midst of a Masters in Conflict Resolution, and involved in community mediation and an international peace building programme.

Since taking part in the ICLS seminar I founded a communications organisation that provides services to international organisations and implements projects in developing countries. We focus on media and mobile technology to provide information they need to change behaviours and to hold governments to account. Most of our work is in countries affected by conflict, and currently work in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria and Zambia.

The ICLS helped develop a confidence to pursue my own goals, and to develop relationships with people who came from different backgrounds and cultures. I collaborated with friends made at the seminar to do community projects using film and photography with Muslim and non-Muslim children. This idea was developed and taken to Pakistan where we worked with UNICEF to help children affected by the earthquake communicate priorities for rebuilding to the Government. Their work was officially recognised by the President. This format went on to be used by UNICEF in countries across the world.

 “From ‘Saturday Night and Sunday Morning’
The Intercultural Communication and Leadership School (ICLS) was launched in 2002 to bring emergent young actors together from all backgrounds and beliefs. A generation of able young Bradfordians went through the ICLS school and built a connection with each other which has fed fresh approaches to challenges in the district.
Bujra and Pearce (2011:178)”